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Author Topic: Welcome to the 338th Army Band Message Board **READ ME** - How to obtain access  (Read 21400 times)
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If you already have an account, you do ont need to take any action on this.

Welcome to the 338tharmyband.com Message Board.  This board consists of many discussion forums for the 338th U.S. Army Band.  This is now a completely private forum due to the vast amounts of spam which have been directed at the board in the past.  Access to this forum can only be obtained by requesting it from SFC Lamb by sending an email requesting access to lamb.dan@gmail.com.

Soldiers, relatives  of the 338th Army Band and veterans of the 338th and 70th Division Bands will be granted access to the pertinent portions of the message board relating to them.

Usernames must be recognizeable as belonging to the person with that username.  For instance, hugsandkisses92 is not an appropriate username... JSmith, John.Smith, johnsmith, smithj are.

Please put the following information in an email to the above address and I will send you your login information:

Requested Username:
Relationship to the Unit:
Michigan Element or Ohio Element:

When your account is created you will be issued a password which you should change upon your first login.
  Please allow 48 hours to create your account.

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